Thompson Rivers University Open Learning Association

Professional Development Fund Committee


  • To determine policy and criteria that oversee the disbursement of funds to applicants
  • Adjudicating applications and approving reimbursement claims

Committee Members’ Duties:

Sarah Langlois:

  • TRU-OL representative
  • Deliberates all applications

John Patterson:

  • TRUOLFA representative
  • Initial contact person
  • Initiates deliberation process
  • Previews all applications
  • Informs applicants of Committee’s decisions
  • Co-ordinates all documentation
  • Previews all claims

Derek Knox:

  • TRUOLFA representative
  • Deliberates all applicants
  • Manages the Professional Development bank account
  • Manages the investments of the fund
  • Prepares financial reports
  • Audits all claims
  • Prepares reimbursement cheques
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